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"Her makeup skills are unparalleled!"

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Vivian.  Planning a wedding and finding the right vendors when you live out of state can be a challenging task, but Vivian made the process and my decision so easy after I met her and saw her incredible work.  With a particularly intricate side-hairdo in mind for our wedding that I found on Pinterest, Vivian brought my vision to life with ease and even took it up a notch to something even more amazing than I had imagined.  My hair even stayed beautifully in place after hours of dancing on our wedding night!!  To top it off her makeup skills are also unparalleled and I loved how flawless, but natural, my skin looked on our wedding day.  I am so happy with my decision to hire Vivian and highly recommend her to anyone looking for a flawless look for any occasion!

Caitlin Lindquist  A Little Dash of Darling  Website
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"She helps you bring out your best characteristics!"

Vivian made me feel so beautiful! She found a look that was perfect for me that wasn't too overdone. Truly, she has helped me become a better version of myself. She helps you bring out your best characteristics and doesn't try to make you look like other people. The best thing I've gained from working with Vivian is that it has given me so much more self confidence. And because I have more self confidence, in turn I am more outgoing and nicer to other people. All this, just because Vivian helped me realize that I am beautiful!

Brendy  Salt Lake City
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" I am just WAY PRETTIER after spending time with Vivian!"

Here is what I love about Vivian:

The last time I had my makeup done by Vivian, I looked in the mirror and said 'I don't get it! This is my face—I'm pretty familiar with it, I've had it for a while—but it just doesn't look like this! Basically, I am just WAY PRETTIER after spending time with Vivian. And even though she is a little bit magic, she walks you through everything and gives you tips and skills that you can do on your own. So actually she just makes me prettier ALL THE TIME.

Aside from that, you feel great after spending time with her. She really just wants you to have fun and look your prettiest; I don't feel like I need to be more rich/flawless/perfect/glamorous/whatever, and Vivian doesn't try to make me into anything I'm not. She just sees the best and most radiant version of me, and lets everybody else see it too. To sum up: She's amazing. Every girl needs a Vivian!

Claire  Salt Lake City